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San Antonio Rodeo pays off for New Mexico barrel racers

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Feb.9, 2013) — It was a great day for barrel racers at the San Antonio Stock Show Rodeo on Saturday.

At the matinee performance, a new arena record was set by Sydni Blanchard from Albuquerque with a 13.68-second run. That earned Blanchard $1,965 and gave her enough money to finish in second place in the first bracket and advance to the semi-finals. She has earned a total of $3,439 here so far.  The previous record was held by Tiffany Fox who stopped the clock in 13.69 in 2009.

Blanchard finished second in the first round behind another New Mexico barrel racer, Sabrina Ketcham from Yeso. Ketcham was the most successful contestant in bracket one winning first place in rounds one and two and finishing second behind Blanchard in round three. If Ketcham’s success here continues through the semi-finals, she will add significantly to the $5,404 she has already won.

Ketcham fulfilled one goal by earning enough money to qualify for this year’s San Antonio Rodeo in the AT&T Center. Qualifiers include the top 45 from the 2012 Women’s Professional Rodeo Association along with the top five from the 2013 standings. Ketcham finished last year’s standings 41st in the world with $26,822.

While she loves barrel racing and it was very important for her to get to compete here, she is also a mother who has responsibilities on their family ranch. She rides her horses on the ranch and has been known to take them on a turn around a cactus plant to keep them sharp.

Wesley Silcox, who won this rodeo in 2006 is on track to have a chance to do that again. Silcox, from Santaquin, Utah rode Beutler and Son Rodeo’s Whirlpool for 90 points to win the first round of bracket two in front of a record crowd of nearly 17,000. The 2007 world champion is the second world title holder to have a 90-point ride. J.W. Harris, the 2008-10 world champion from Mullin, Texas, scored 90 here in the first round of bracket one. Harris also won this rodeo in 2009.

Harris won the third round of bracket one and was the high-money earner in the bull riding. Silcox is on pace to do the same in bracket two.

There is one performance at the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Eight-Time Large Indoor Rodeo of the Year on Sunday at 1 p.m.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Feb. 9, 2013) — The following are results from San Antonio Stock Show Rodeo which will pay contestants more than $1 million.

Third Performance – Bracket 1 – Round 3 winners followed by semi-finals qualifiers

Bareback Riding: 1, Seth Hardwick, Laramie, wyo., 86 points on Beutler and Son Rodeo’s Black Kat, $1,965. 2, (tie) Winn Ratliff, Leesville, La., and Tim O’Connell, Zwingle, Iowa, 83, $1,228. 4, Clint Laye, Cadogan, Alberta, 82. (semi-finals qualifiers) 1, Matt Bright, Azle, Texas, $3,684. 2, Tim O’Connell, Zwingle, Iowa, $3,193. 3, Seth Hardwick, Laramie, Wyo., $1,965. 4, Richie Champion, The Woodlands, Texas, $1,719.

Steer Wrestling: 1, Rhett Kennedy, Chowchilla, Calif., 4.2 seconds, $1,965. 2, Justin Blaine Davis, Argyle, Texas, 4.3, $1,474. 3, Cooper Shofner, Huntsville, Texas, 4.7, $983. 4, Gabe Ledoux, Kaplan, La., 5.0, $491. (semi-finals qualifier) 1, Rhett Kennedy, Chowchilla, Calif., $3,684. 2, Cooper Shofner, Huntsville, Texas, $2,702. 3, (tie) Luke Branquinho, Los Alamos, Calif., and Ben Shofner, Jasper, Texas, $1,965.

                Team Roping: 1, Blaine Linaweaver, Irvine, Calif., and Cody Doescher, Oklahoma City, Okla., 5.8, $1,965. 2, Cody Graham, Everton, Mo., and Gabe Gwaltney, Carthage, Mo., 7.0, $1,474. 3, Erich Rogers, Round Rock, Ariz., and Cory Petska, Marana, Ariz., 9.9, $983. 4, Jake and Jim Ross Cooper, Monument, N.M., 10.8, $491. (semi-finals qualifier) 1, Erich Rogers, Round Rock, Ariz., and Cory Petska, Marana, Ariz., $3,930. 2, (tie) Jake and Jim Ross Cooper, Monument, N.M.; and Levi Simpson, Claresholm, Alberta and John Roberts, Poulson, Mont., $2,456 each. 4, Blaine Linaweaver, Irvine, Calif., and Cody Doescher, Oklahoma City, $1,965.


Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Cody Wright, Milford, Utah, 81 points on Beutler and Son Rodeo’s Man Up, $1,965. 2, (tie) Cody Taton, Corona, N.M.; Ty Atchison, Jackson, Mo.; Brady Nicholes, Hoytsville, Utah, 77 and $983 each. (semi-finals qualifiers) 1, Cody Taton, Corona, N.M., $4,667. 2, Cody Wright, Milford, Utah, $2,948. 3, (tie) Isaac Diaz, Desdemona, Texas, and Ty Atchison, Jackson, Mo., $1,719.

                Tie-Down Roping: 1, Ryan Jarrett, Comanche, Okla., 7.9, $1,965. 2, (tie) Bryson Sechrist, Apache, Okla.; Monty Lewis, Hereford, Texas; and Ace Slone, Cuero, Texas, 8.2, $983 each. (semi-finals qualifiers) 1, Trent Creager, Stillwater, Okla., $3,930. 2, Ryan Jarrett, Comanche, Okla., $1,965. 3, (tie) Bryson Sechrist, Apache, Okla., and Fred Whitfield, Hockley, Texas, $1,474.

                Women’s Barrel Race: 1, Sydni Blanchard, Albuquerque, N.M., 13.68, 41,965. 2, Sabrina Ketcham, Yeso, N.M., 13.85, $1,474. 3, Sammi Bessert, Loma, Colo., 14.24, $983. 4, Nancy Hunter, Neola, Utah, 14.27, $491. (semi-finals qualifiers) 1, Sabrina Ketcham, Yeso, N.M., $5,404. 2, Sydni Blanchard, Albuquerque, N.M., $3,439. 3, Mary Walker, Ennis, Texas, $2,456. 4, Nancy Hunter, Neola, Utah, $1,965.

                Bull Riding: (three rides) 1, J.W. Harris, Mullin, Texas, 87 points on Rafter H Rodeo’s Wicked Spot, $1,965. 2, Beau Schroeder, Beaumont, Texas, 85, $1,474. 3, Tag Elliott, Thatcher, Utah, 78, $983. (semi-finals qualifiers) 1, J.W. Harris, Mullin, Texas, $3,930. 2, Beau Schroeder, China, Texas, $2,948. 3, Cole Echols, Elm Grove, La., $2,456. 4, Tag Elliott, Thatcher, Utah, $1,965.

Fourth Performance – Bracket 2 – Round 1 winners

Bareback Riding: 1, Caine Riddle, Vernon, Texas, 82 points on Lancaster and Pickett Rodeo’s Unforgiven, $1,965. 2, Matt Lait, Stavely, Alberta, 81, $1,474. 3, Wes Stevenson, Lubbock, Texas, 80, $983. 4, (tie) Bee Jay Scott, Otley, Iowa, and Justin McDaniel, Porum, Okla., 76, $246.

                Steer Wrestling: 1, Sean Mulligan, Coleman, Okla., 4.5, $1,965. 2, Chason Floyd, Ludlow, S.D., 4.8, $1,474. 3, Tyler Pearson, Louisville, Miss., 4.9, $983. 4, Travis Carnine, Stanfield, Ore., 5.1, $491.

                Team Roping: 1, Spencer Mitchell, Colusa, Calif., and Dakota Kirchenschlager, Stephenville, Texas, 5.3 seconds, $1,965. 2, Shawn Bessette, Vaughn, Mont., and Sid Sporer, Cody, Wyo., 6.1, $1,474. 3, (tie) Joshua and Jonathan Torres, Ocala, Fla., 11.1, $737.

Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Bradley Harter, Weatherford, Texas, 80 points on Beutler and Son Rodeo’s Red Man, $1,965. 2, (tie) Sterling Crawley, Stephenville, Texas, and Chuck Schmidt, Keldron, S.D., 11.1, $737.

                Tie-Down Roping: 1, Cody Ohl, Hico, Texas, 7.8 seconds, $1,965. 2, Tyson Durfey, Colbert, Wash., 8.1, $1,474. 3, Beau Marshall, Truth or Consequences, N.M., 9.2, $983. 4, Bradley Bynum, Sterling City, Texas, 10.6, $491.

                Women’s Barrel Race: 1, Randa Kellogg, Point, Texas, 14.09, $1,965. 2, Emily Efurd, Pittsburg, Texas, 14.14, $1,474. 3, Sierra Dawn Thomas, Roy, Utah, 14.22, $983. 4, Angie Meadors, Blanchard, Okla., 14.30, $491.

                Bull Riding: 1, Wesley Silcox, Santaquin, Utah, 90 points on Beutler and Son Rodeo’s Whirlpool, $1,965. 2, Paul Coppini, Kuna, Idaho and Elliot Jacoby, Fredericksburg, Texas, 85, $1,228 each. 4, Parker Breding, Edgar, Mont., 79, $491.