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PRCA Weekly Press Release Sept. 17, 2012



1. At last! Mote adds Pendleton to career resumé

PENDLETON, Ore. – Bobby Mote said it was the most fun he’s ever had on a victory lap and his trip around Pendleton Round-Up Arena was “probably the longest one I’ve ever taken.” Fair enough. This one was long overdue.

Since he first climbed on the back of a bareback horse more than 20 years ago in Oregon ranch country, Mote has dreamed of taking that lap around the grassy field. He’d been close more than once, but he had never won his home-state’s biggest rodeo, not once in his 17 seasons as a professional.

“I’d been close before, losing by a point or having a horse not perform in the final,” Mote said. “It just lets the air out of you. I’ve wanted to win this rodeo since I started.”

A pair of Sankey Rodeo horses saw to it that Mote made it to the victory ceremony this time. He rode Parlor Game for 84 points to win the first round and Thunder Monkey for 85 in the Sept. 15 finals to tie traveling partner Steven Dent for second place and claim the two-head average.