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Hugely Successful First Southeast Medal Finals Wrap-Up:Meg O’Mara Confidently Nabs the ASPCA Maclay Regionals

Jacksonville, FL – September 26, 2012 – The highly anticipated, first-ever Southeast Medal Finals delivered a home run. Exhibitors, trainers, sponsors, vendors, family and friends all agreed- the show is a winner. All had glowing accolades for managers, Bob Bell and James Lala, and the fabulous venue, the Jacksonville Equestrian Center. Plans are already underway for next year’s show, sure to be an expanded and even grander affair.


A group of 37 skilled riders determined to master Alan Rheinheimer’s course competed for the top prize- the ASPCA Maclay Regional title. The course tested the ability of the rider to lengthen and shorten, to be subtle with the adjustments, to land and turn and to put it all together with confidence and poise.


After the first round, the class was split in two for the under saddle portion of the competition,

Meg O’Mara and Vancouver won the ASPCA Maclay Regional

followed by the announcement of a test for six riders. The riders included Meg O’Mara, Hasbrouck Donovan, Liza Finsness, Hannah Marco, Geoffrey Hesslink and Sylvia De Toledo.


The competitors were asked to perform the following test: canter fence #13, canter fence #4, canter fence #9, hand gallop fence #12 and counter canter fence #6 and finally, canter fence #2. The announcer gave the instructions for the workout course only twice.