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 Franklin, Tenn. (April 21, 2015) – Four charities will be beneficiaries of this year’s Franklin Rodeo.

One Gen Away, GraceWorks Ministries, Bridges Domestic Violence Center, and the Williamson Medical Center’s Breast Health Center will all receive proceeds from the 2015 Franklin Rodeo.

A food drive will be held during all three nights of the Franklin Rodeo May 14-16 and the Free Rodeo Experience on May 13. One Gen Away, whose mission it is to wipe hunger off the face of America, will collect food and distribute it to Williamson County residents. One Gen Away works with churches and public agencies to distribute food and has helped donate and distribute food in 36 cities across the nation. Food is given to anyone who is in need, no questions asked. “We don’t ask for anything,” to prove the person is in poverty and needs food, says founder Chris Whitney. “People in that situation and that cycle of poverty have suffered enough humiliation.” Food bins will be placed at the rodeo at the Williamson Co. Ag Expo Center, and One Gen Away will have a booth where monetary donations will be collected.

The Thursday, May 14 rodeo performance will be dedicated to GraceWorks Ministries. The organization assists families in crisis situations, providing immediate resources and long-term support such as food, shelter needs, and more. “We try to help them get back on their feet so they can be more financially stable,” said Kristi Sylvester, Development Director. A portion of the proceeds from the Thursday night rodeo will go to GraceWorks Ministries.

Proceeds from the Friday, May 15 rodeo performance will go to the Bridges Domestic Violence Center in Franklin. Founded in 1998, the Center is the only domestic violence shelter in the county and has a 24 hour a day hotline for those fleeing abusive relationships. The program is tailored to fit the needs of clients and empower them with the options they have for their future. The program also has an outreach advocate, who helps clients transition once they leave the shelter.saddle bronc riding frkln 14

Saturday, May 16 is pink! Fans are asked to wear pink to the rodeo that night, to bring awareness to breast cancer patients and survivors. Funds raised from that night will go to the Williamson Medical Center’s Breast Health Center. Tough Enough to Wear Pink, as the program is called, has been happening at the Franklin Rodeo since 2006, and more than $66,000 has been given by the rodeo to the Breast Health Center.

“The Franklin Noon Rotary Club’s support has helped the Williamson Medical Center grow and improve our breast health center’s ability to care for patients in our community, and it will help us move to the next level of patient care,” said Steve Smith, Executive Director for the Williamson Medical Center Foundation.

The Franklin Rodeo does not limit its giving to the four charities highlighted at this year’s rodeo. Since the rodeo began in 1949, its proceeds have gone back to the community, including buying band uniforms and library books for the public school, and providing scholarships for physicians and nurses. Over $2 million has been given back by the Franklin Noon Rotary Club, who hosts the rodeo, in its 65 year history.

This year’s rodeo starts at 7 pm May 14-16 at the Williamson Co. Ag Expo Center. Tickets range in price from $10 to $20 and can be purchased online at or at the gate. For more information, visit the website, call 615-RODEO-11 or find the event on Facebook and Twitter.