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Lorrie Browne Interiors Brings Eco-Friendly Design to Wellington Clients

Wellington, FL – March 21, 2013 – Lorrie Browne, a Florida licensed interior designer, is also a Green Residential Expert specializing in design projects that bring energy-efficient, healthy and accessible elements together to produce stylish and livable interiors for her clients.

“People who care deeply about animals naturally have concern for the environment, so it’s been a perfect fit for our equestrian clients,” said Browne.

The cushions on this furniture contain plant-based renewable
raw materials, replacing significant amounts of petroleum-based
materials and all finishes are low VOC (volatile organic compunds that emit gas that may have unhealthy affects on people).

“It used to be that Green options were perceived as being simple and boring but we’ve come a long way,” she explained. “Now, eco-friendly options are high on style. Clients may choose furnishings based on the look and the green aspect becomes another added benefit.”

 Lorrie Browne Interiors researches the latest products available to offer fantastic green options in all areas including furniture, rugs, wallpaper, paint and fabric.

Lorrie Browne Interiors gives clients options for eco-friendly products, including this brand of paint developed to improve air quality.

 “By working with large companies such as Kravet and smaller boutique firms we are able to offer the perfect mix of stylish, eco-friendly furnishings that can be mixed with our client’s existing furnishings or those from more conventional companies,” Browne said. “Furniture that is made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, rattan and abaca is beautiful. This is not about having a 100 percent eco-friendly home, it’s about becoming aware of your options.”

 Besides being kind to the environment, the health benefits of going green and sustainable when designing home interiors are important to note.

 “Going green is helpful to those who have allergies and sensitivities to chemicals- 28 percent of all people are affected by poor indoor air quality,” she continued. “The furnishings and paint we use in our homes can drastically improve indoor air quality.”

“We can make an impact by decorating smarter. By making eco-friendly choices we can be healthier and be kinder to our environment which benefits us all in the end.”

About Lorrie Browne Interiors

Clients rave about the customer excellence Browne and partner Tim Chance deliver based on commitment to quality, attention to detail and process-driven business approach. Lorrie Browne Interiors creates beautiful, gracious and functional interiors that reflect the tastes, preferences and lifestyles of their clients.

Ideal for people on the go, their services include communication tools to keep clients abreast of the project every step of the way to ensure projects move forward without disruption. From concept to completion, every last detail is planned and implemented by the Lorrie Browne Interiors team of talented artisans, top-tier vendors and reliable tradespeople.

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