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Twenty-Five Unnatural Wonders of the Western Roadside: Gardens of Eden (Lucas, Kansas)

The Garden of Eden is located on a pleasant, tree-lines residential street, but it isn’t nearly as peaceful as you’d expect Eden to be.

In fact it is a parcel of fuming chaos in the form of concrete and limestone statues that depict such bloody tales as Cain slaying Abel, the crucifixion of the working class, and warfare between the U.S. cavalry and Native Americans. In the midst of the gruesome statuary is a walk-through mausoleum containing S. P. Dinsmoor, the man who created this environment (to educate mankind) between 1905 and 1933. Dinsmoor was 64 when he began the project, which would put him on the far side of 150 years old today… and, to be frank, he looks it. As his Last Will and Testament requested, he is enshrined in a coffin with a glass window so visitors can look in and see what a moldering man looks like.