“We are the only salt house in North America,” said the woman in charge of the Salt Palace, and when we asked about salt houses on other continents she admitted that she had heard of none. So this may be the only salt house on earth!

In fact, by the time you read these words, It might not exist at all but don’t worry: if it gets torn down, it will only be to make way for a bigger, better salt house next door, which was in the planning stages early in 1993. The problem, you see, is it crumbles when it gets moist, and the Salt Palace has assured, is going to be sealed to a fare-thee-well, and only two of its walls will be made of salt, anyway. Inside this amazing building, built to honor the deposits that put Grand Saline on the map, there are salt pellets and salt blocks for cattle, picture of the first salt mine, and a really old movie about the history of salt extraction in this part of Texas. A souvenir salt shaker is also available for purchase, but you will find absolutely no pepper shaker to go with it.