WELLINGTON, FL-March 23, 2013-A record 21 teams have been announced for Monday’s Buzz Welker Memorial Tournament at Grand Champions Polo Club.

Advanced players will compete first followed by intermediate and lower levels. There will also be a lead-line for young children to end the day.

In the 2 p.m. opening game, Lechuza Caracas plays The Polo School at Grand Champions in a four-chukker game.

Lechuza Caracas features Agustin Arellano, Blake Ashcroft, Santiago Avendano and Nikoli Bahlsen.

The Polo School at Grand Champions includes Benjamin Avendano, Justin Daniels, Grant Ganzi and Matias Gonzalez, who at 14 recently made his 26-goal debut playing for injured Zacara team captain Lyndon Lea in the USPA Piaget Gold Cup.

Other teams are:

Blanco, TX: Lucas Escobar, Jack McLean, Segundo Merlos, Christian Weisz.

Equine Law Group: Malia Bryan, Benjamin Daniels, Anthony Devrient, Nicolas Escobar.

Red Barn: Lucas Arellano, Joaquin Avendano, Sasha Bahlsen, Mackenzie Weisz.

Tato’s Mallets: Mia Astrada, Santos Bollini, Matt Cohen, Santino Magrini.

Orchard Hill: Adolfo Cambiaso, Jaqui Casey, Santos Merlos, Donovan Stratemann.

Grand Champions: Mia Cambiaso, Landen Daniels, Riley Ganzi, Christos Magrini.

Palm Beach Equine Clinics: Hope Arellano, Grant Braden, Rachel Kelly, Boone Stribling Jr.

Tackeria: Jacobo Bacariza, Josh Odrich, William Prichard, Alyssa Tranchilla.

Wellington Preserve: Matteo Chaux, Richard Gollel, William Jacobs, Cinderella Von Faulkenhausen.

La Martina: Pierre Chaux, Josh Daniels, Brandon Prichard, Malicia Von Faulkenhausen.

Casablanca: Oliver Firestone, Bryce Gardiner, Carl Gittens Jr., Rufino Merlos.

County Line Feed: River Blake, Maria Celis, Olivia Merlos, Benjamin Quiroga.

Eagles: Parker Daniels, Buhl Fenner, Elizabeth Fenner.

Pololine: Javier Celis, Ned Cunniffe, Bradley McKeever.

Alex Photo: Finn Secunda, Dusti Van Winkle, Keelie Van Winkle.

Nano’s Mallets: Sophia Aguerre, Miguelito Astrada, Tonia Astrada.

Polographics: Lauren Amos, Bailey Biddle, Julio Ezcurra.

American Polo Horse Association: Elsa Braden, Lucianna Ramirez, Juan Rodriguez.

The Morning Line: Brandon Cochrane, Uly Escapite, Aiden Montoya, Lorenzo Ramirez.

The tournament is named in honor of Buzz Welker, a former polo player who shared his love for the game. Before his life ended, Welker played in 16 countries and played with several celebrities including Prince Charles, the Sultan of Brunei and Tommy Lee Jones.

Welker died from an aggressive form of cancer on Nov. 27, 2006 at age 69. He was the founder and leader of the Franklin Polo Association and headed major polo clubs in Texas, Florida and Dominican Republic.

The Polo Training Foundation Florida Junior Polo tournament begins 2 p.m. Trophies will be awarded to all levels at 6 p.m.

On Friday, the White Knights defeated the Turquoise Tigers, 5-2, to win the Grand Champions Cup that featured sixteen advanced level players, ages 16-21. Piaget team captain Melissa Ganzi presented trophies to the players.

The winning team was Jonny Lavine, Wesley Bryan, Enrique Barco and Marcus Alberdi. Lavine was named Most Valuable Player. Alberdi’s horse Grace was named Best Playing Pony.


Where: Grand Champions Polo Club, on the corner of South Shore Boulevard and Lake Worth Road.

When: Monday, March 25, 2013.

Time: 2-6 p.m.

Information: Call 561-753-3389. Free admission. There are great field side views for tournament action. Please provide your own chair. Dogs should be on leashes. Everyone is welcome to watch polo’s future players.