Merrimac, MA – March 5, 2013 – Sons of the Wind School of Equestrian Arts will be showcasing the talent of their Lusitano mounts throughout the country during the month of April at multiple events. In additional to conducting informational clinics, Sons of the Wind will be performing a Quadrille and athletic movements including Airs Above the Ground for those in attendance.

The dates for the 2013 tour include:

  • April 5-7: Cornell University (hosted by CAYUGA-DCT)
  • April 11-14: Equine Affaire Ohio
  • April 18-21: Midwest Horse Fair, WI
  • April 26-28: Minnesota Horse Expo

The Lusitano was best known for its amazing athleticism as a loyal war horse, and then as a brave, bold mount in the bullring. Today, the modern Lusitano has found its way in to many disciplines including dressage. During the tour, Sons of the Wind will teach guests about the Lusitanos’ history, and also perform a traditional Quadrille. Using four talented Lusitano horses, the riders will perform a beautiful dressage test in sync with music and each horse. All of the horses and riders will be wearing traditional Portuguese attire and tack.


The clinics conducted at Cornell University and the Midwest Horse Fair will include how to develop the strength of your performance horse through the Pendulum of Elasticity, how simple exercises such as leg yield lead can lead to pirouettes and changes, and the importance of strength training.


During Equine Affair and the Minnesota Horse Expo, the clinics hosted by the Sons of the Wind will focus on long-lining, lateral work, and tempi changes, as well as how and why to introduce the piaffe /passage progression early in a horses training.

These clinics will give riders and trainers’ valuable insight and knowledge in classical dressage training that they can apply at home. Sons of the Wind will be able to answer questions and guide guests through the exercises at each event during the tour. These clinics will provide invaluable information that will assist horse and rider as they progress and expand their dressage knowledge.


About Sons of the Wind:


Sons of the Wind School of Equestrian Arts currently has locations in Merrimac, MA, and Palm City, FL. Founded by Portugal’s Vitor Silva, Sons of the Wind and its affiliated schools were incepted in response to the need for an establishment capable of providing the rider the opportunity to experience and understand the correctness of all the movements of dressage. These establishments offer the training and schooling to horses and riders of different backgrounds and levels. Sons of the Wind is also a full service breeding facility for the talented Lusitano breed as it is very important for the growth of the school to keep training horses that could be great mounts and prospects for lessons and for sale.

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