Murfreesboro, TN – July 16, 2013 – The East Coast Reined Cow Horse Classic (ECRCHC) kicks off on July 17, bringing droves of competitors to Murfreesboro, TN, for one of the biggest events on the reined cow horse circuit. Competitors at the ECRCHC can qualify for another major event new to the circuit this year: Show By Appointment’s Championship Finals.

The ECRCHC runs July 17-21 at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, TN. Show By Appointment (SBA) classes will be held concurrently with ECRCHC classes, so riders can compete for two show associations, each with its own set of prize money, with just one run. Aside from having the chance to compete in a new show association for more prize money, those who register for the SBA classes alongside their regular ECRCHC classes will qualify for SBA’s Championship Finals.

Haily Findeisen and Sparkinastar – Youth Boxing and Level Two Boxing Champions
on the SBA Florida circuit. Photo by Toni Steed.

The SBA Championship Finals, offering over $100,000 in cash and prizes, premieres this year and promises to be a new highlight of the reined cow horse circuit. It is slated for October 10-13, 2013, at Triple J Ranch in Sarasota, FL. With many standout horses and riders already qualified, the Championship Finals will present top-notch competition in a fun, friendly show environment. The Finals also feature innovative offerings, such as a class comprised of horses for sale that gives owners an opportunity to show off their sale horses and makes it easy for potential buyers to see prospects in action.

Riders who register for the SBA classes at the ECRCHC also put themselves in the running for a circuit championship. SBA circuits typically include four shows in a certain region and have been held in Florida and Georgia thus far, with another circuit on the schedule for Ohio in August. At ECRCHC, riders will compete on two days and be assessed by two judges each time. Each judge’s scores will be counted as a separate show for the purposes of calculating the championships, and circuit champions will receive their awards at the show in Tennessee.

Josh Veal, SBA Open Hackamore Circuit Champion. Photo by Gayae Ghazaryan.

“We’re teaming up with the other biggest cow horse show on the East Coast,” said Show By Appointment’s Rick Steed. “We’re partnering with them to run SBA classes concurrently with their classes and give riders another chance to qualify while they’re already at the show, and we’re working together to build a stronger cow horse community.”


Riders should contact SBA show secretary Debbie Hall at or 321-863-0456 to enter for the SBA classes at ECRCHC and claim their chance to compete in the $100,000 SBA Championship Finals, slated for October 10-13 in Sarasota, FL.


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