About Equestrian Influence LLC (EQI)

EQI’s team has been in the equestrian industry in many aspects for a lifetime and has gained a reputation for creative marketing that will help you sell your property.  We feel extremely fortunate to have grown up in the horse industry in Tennessee and gained in-depth knowledge of all the breeds. Our marketing team’s knowledge and expertise were enhanced by the ownership and management of three saddlery companies in Tennessee and an English manufacturing in England which sponsored all the horse associations, events nationwide and internationally.  Therefore, EQI’s marketing team brings a wealth of experience marketing to the horse industry and now on behalf of our real estate division clients. Our love of the land and especially horse properties, ranches, charming gentleman’s farms, and luxury equestrian estates started at a very early age and continues to this day. We have been exposed to various equestrian lifestyles, so our team’s knowledge is extensive both nationally and internationally.

Innovative and always on the cutting edge. EQI will work tirelessly to provide our clients with high-visibility exposure through a variety of media and markets including our own media division. The success of our business means continually devising new ways to reach buyers and sellers and pair them together. By designing and implementing property-specific marketing campaigns and tapping into the vast network of our relationships, EQI is able to deliver unparalleled exposure to the properties we bring to the market.

Purchasing and selling equestrian properties require special knowledge and skills, most importantly intimate knowledge of areas that will fit your equestrian lifestyle.   The campaigns we generate pique the interest of buyers and sellers locally, nationally, and internationally –we feel confident about producing results.

Sell With Us and Reaching The Right Buyers

As an Owner of a Premier Property, you understand the need to access an exclusive network of highly qualified Buyers. Having been in the equestrian industry for a lifetime, we most likely know the buyers already. Our vast network is continuously cultivated, and best visibility in the industry, we’re meeting more prospects on a weekly basis. Furthermore, Equestrian Influence LLC (EQI) collaborates with equestrians and high-net-worth buyers weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Choosing The Right Partner

The decision to sell a property is complicated and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. EQI’s Team understands your property’s unique features.

EQI Auctions

As part of its unwavering commitment to provide the industry’s most effective innovative sales and marketing strategies to its clients. Equestrian Influence, LLC’s (EQI) team offers auction services in association with our partner. EQI’s Auction partner is a State & World Champion Auctioneer who has more experience and knowledge of the Auction Industry due to their volume of sales records per week versus what most do in a year in our area. So, if Auction is the method you are seeking, we have you covered.

Auctions traditionally have a bad reputation but some of the most expensive art, and cars in the world are sold by an auction method thru the Internet which gives sellers an immediate and broad exposure to our property’s listings to domestic and international markets. Through auctions, properties are sold securely and expediently- at fair market value, which benefits both buyer and seller. EQI succeeds by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and marketing to the client’s advantage, granting access to a worldwide pool of buyers to heighten demand and return on investment, and delivering the control and peace of mind provided by a pre-determined auction sale date.

EQI can even sell your livestock, equipment, and all other estate assets: We can create a customized auction plan just for the livestock and/or other assets.

For more information about our auctions, please contact us at properties@equestrianinfluence.com 

Equestrian Real Estate Marketing

Equestrian Influence LLC (EQI) offers a full-service, completely integrated equestrian and real estate marketing, and consulting and services program directed by our Senior VP who is knowledgeable, experienced, and highly respected by equestrian marketers on a local, national, and international level. EQI’s real estate team can unravel the often confusing and conflicting information that comes from our diverse and lifelong equestrian backgrounds, equestrian traditions, agricultural and equine industry and varying localized influences. The knowledge and experience of EQI’s reputable equestrian marketing team will provide effective, efficient solutions to increase profitability and the return on your investment.

Equestrian Real Estate Marketers With Inside Perspective

Because EQI’s team lives the equestrian lifestyle, they have a true insider’s perspective and knowledge of equestrian real estate. EQI’s Team of seasoned professionals who listen to and understand each client’s personal needs, concerns, and desires- using their extensive experience and proficiency in equestrian real estate, negotiation, property use, real estate law, and marketing to provide each client with unequaled representation.


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EQI’s team has been in the equestrian industry in many aspects and has gained a reputation for creative marketing that will help you sell your property.

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