Wine, cheese, and the Eiffel Tower are probably the first three things that might come to mind upon mentioning France or “French”. Though these are common French trademarks, unbeknownst to many, the horse is a French adoration as well. The horse not only brings industry and tourism to certain regions of France, but also prestige. The province of Normandy boasts of this equestrian tradition producing 10,000 foals every year and 21,000 licensed riders. Specifically, the quaint and posh coastal town of Deauville hosts many equestrian events and is considered a horse “hot spot” of France. Deauville is located just two hours northwest of Paris by train. This small Normandy town serves as one of the largest ports in Normandy, a province whose entire northern border is the English Channel. Therefore international regattas and boat races are also a trade mark of this town. Many Parisians come to Deauville to enjoy the peaceful beach and the serenity of Normandy while escaping the busy life of Paris. Tourists and film-lovers visit Deauville every year for the American film festival, Arqana’s International Yearling Auctions, and to partake in Normandy’s excellent “taste” in gastronomy. Yet, Deauville attracts horse-lovers from all over the world with its two race tracks, thoroughbred sales, and polo games. Now, the new, state-of the-art equestrian complex, Le Pôle International du Cheval, just launched in September 2010 in Deauville, will help to further Deauville’s cherished equestrian tradition (taken from

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