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February 17, 2015

Equestrian Influence’s EQI Sponsor Connect

by Equestrian Influence

Equestrian Influence is launching a new product to equestrians of every discipline: EQI SponsorConnect. This innovative, online forum is for equestrians who want to promote their riding career to potential sponsors and brands. By showcasing your tour schedules, events (local, regional, national, and international), interviews, and accomplishments, you can present yourself in a professional and organized platform to brand managers and PR departments.

You might ask, “What will this platform do for me?” We have a life time of experience of being in the industry from a showing side with all the cost associated with showing and being involved in the sponsorship industry. We understand what it takes to get a brand to review your profile (Electronic Press Kit). We also understand that life as an equestrian takes a copious amount of time and finances. There are show expenses, medical/care bills for your horse, riding apparel, and traveling costs, just to name a few.  EQI SponsorConnect will present you to globally known sponsors and brands that will help support your passion and the cost associate with your desire equestrian sport. They are looking for outstanding ambassadors to help deliver their message to a very niche sport. Sponsors can lift the weight off your shoulders by potentially providing the financial support needed in your riding career.

We have proof that although many don’t realize it, equestrians struggle in their careers. EQI’s Cole Elshere,  PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider, tells viewers about the rough life of a cowboy. Click here to hear what he has to say about sponsors:

Riders who are looking for financial support from sponsors can create an EQI SponsorConnect profile and have access to the following features:  uploading your resume, feature your tour schedule for brands to review the markets and events attendance for live audiences and tv coverage, events you will attend, media exposure, and so much more! EQI SponsorConnect makes it easier for sponsors and global brands to find the perfect rider- Brand ambassador, you! How do you sign up? Visit and click join now! After you fill out your information, we will review your qualifications for admittance.

Let EQI SponsorConnect present you to the brands and brand managers) who will help fuel your passion!  For more information, do not hesitate to email us at

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