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Way Out West- Cowboy Sidekicks

In Westerns, nearly every handsome hero needs a cantankerous old man as his companion (like Gabby Hayes). If not that, then a fat, silly one (like Smiley Burneette, or a dopey, well-meaning nic one (like Tonto);or one who limps (like Chester), or at least one who is always getting into a mess that the hero gets him out of (like Andy Devine). Read more »


War Horse superstar: The Mail tracks down the unsung star of Spielberg’s blockbuster – and the Hollywood ‘horse whisperer’ with whom he has an almost telepathic bond

Those who gathered in New York to watch the stars arriving at the world premiere of the film War Horse last week could have been forgiven for feeling that someone was missing from the glittering event.
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How General Patton and Some Unlikely Allies Saved the Prized Lipizzaner Stallions

May 7, 1945, was an important day by any measure.

For Gen. George S. Patton, it started early, with a call just after 4 a.m. from Gen. Omar Bradley, who said, “Ike just called me, George. The Germans have surrendered.” This was mixed news to Patton, who was convinced the war was ending too soon, leaving the Russians as a future threat and, in any case, leaving Patton, a man who lived to fight, without a war. “Peace is going to be hell on me,” he had complained to his wife, Beatrice, four days earlier. Read more »